Our patterns are created out of love for geometric forms and passion for creating timeless beauty.  

We are inspired by a minimalist design with a touch of Glamor.

Our jewelry is made with attention to every, even the smallest detail. All projects are proprietary and made of the highest quality materials. We only use precious metals, i.e. 925 silver and gold plated with a double layer of 24-carat gold.

Gilded jewelry is covered with a special base layer that prevents the gilding from rubbing off, which significantly extends its durability. Each individual element is properly adjusted so that our clients feel comfort during its use.

Our patterns are unique thanks to the simultaneous combination of silver and gilded elements as well as unique geometric forms. This extremely original combination makes the jewelry intriguing with its appearance, it is extremely elegant and stylish.

The entire production process is carried out in Poland. We work with the best local craftsmen, appreciating their vast experience. Jewelry is framed and finished by hand, therefore some elements may be slightly different from each other.